Laser Machine

Product Features

Small in Size. You can place the machine on your working desk and occupy less space.

Wide range of Usage. You can directly engrave on the surface of metal (e.g. Steel, Titanium, Copper, Aluminium, Platinum), plastics and an electro-plated layer.

High Accuracy. It has installed a high-speed magnetic induction motor for the scanning system in order to control the route of laser. It ensures the laser generated in high accuracy and high speed.

User Friendly. You can operate easily with the software installed in a laptop in WINDOWS. You can engrave any graphics and text that you want.

High Stability. It is using the latest model of laser generator in high stability, reliable and less consumption of electricity.

Intellectual Positioning. Infra-red ray positioning stimulation before engraving to reduce deviation.


Engraving Range: 70mm X 70mm

Engraving Speed: 70m/min (Depends on the material and content)

Min. Width of Line: 0.001mm

Min. Character: 0.03mm

Laser Power Output: 2W

Machine Power Output: 200W

Cooling Method: Air-cooling

Power: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz

Dimension: 480mm X 180mm X 340mm

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